• Blue Skies Interiors emphasis in seeking solutions.
  • We take pride in identifying solutions, not creating problems.
  • Ethical integrity; Doing the “right thing” in a professional manner.
  • Blue Skies Interiors has created an open environment where honest communications are encouraged and honest differences of opinion are allowed and heard.
  • Blue Skies Interiors stands by its commitment to managing on the basis of sound principles.


  • Blue Skies Interiors possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that relentlessly seeks to innovate within organizational structures.
  • Creativity & decisiveness.
  • Initiative for self-growth.
  • Leadership within Blue Skies Interiors encourages small, effective work groups.
  • Blue Skies Interiors continues seeking optimal balance between flexibility and control.
  • Blue Skies Interiors, a truly disciplined organization that continues to learn and consistently applies the best methods to achieve goals.


  • Commitment to the team, the company and most importantly, commitment to our customers.
  • Blue Skies Interiors stands by taking responsibility and the creation of personal empowerment.
  • Blue Skies Interiors encourages its team members to go above and beyond to satisfy a commitment to the customer.
  • Blue Skies Interiors promises to do what has been asked and our pledge to provide whatever assistance that is required to meet our commitment.
EIN: 27-0863190
DUNS Number: 83 183 5108
CAGE Code: 5QCL4
8(a) Case number: 305894
Hub Zone Certified Business #50141
TERO Certified
Blue Skies Federal Capability Statement with Past Performance

Washington DC Region (202) 754-8117
Pacific Region (808) 489-9442
Western Region (719) 623-2301
Fax (719) 368-8558

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